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Beginning a yoga practice or joining a new studio can be an overwhelming endeavor. There are so many classes to choose from.  Let us help you.

Have a 30 Minute Consultation

private-yoga-consultMeet with the Instructors Suzie Goldstein and Susan Elena Esquivel. Initial consultation is $30 for 30 minutes (save $10).

In a consultation you will: 

  • Discuss your physical needs and concerns
  • Be led through a gentle physical assessment
  • Receive a customized yoga program

*When booking please allow 48hrs before your requested time

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New To Yoga?   Want a refresher?

yoga refresher classThe 6 Week Introduction To Structural Alignment Series is the perfect place to begin.

This series is designed for students who are new to yoga, new to alignment-based yoga, or simply want a refresher. We will introduce the proper alignment fundamentals of basic yoga poses and breath work, build strength, flexibility, and over all body-mind awareness, while attending to the specific needs/modification to suit each individual. The knowledge gained here will empower you to attend other classes with confidence in your ability to safely modify according to your own personal needs. (*We encourage students to take the Introductory Series because it lays the foundation for your practice and prepares you for progression into Foundations and Level 1.)

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Our Classes

Our classes are designed to take you through a learning process that encompasses the full scope of postures and breathing practices.  Our small classes provide students with individual attention and instruction promoting a supportive and personal learning experience.  True progress in the practice of yoga requires prolonged study at each level.  We strongly encourage all our students to practice Beginner’s Mind and continuously go back to the foundational classes for refinement and rediscovery. In addition to classes at four distinct levels, the RVYC’s weekly schedule includes other special classes, workshops, and clinics. You may drop in to any of our regularly scheduled classes, space permitting, unless they are part of a series or require pre-registration.


During your first classes at RVYC, you will be introduced to different asanas (poses or postures), which will include standing poses, sitting poses, and inverted poses. You will be oriented to the fundamental shapes and actions of the postures and repeat them, so that you learn to know them. Gradually, you will learn more about the poses and more about yourself. The various asanas have different effects on the body. Therefore, each class is carefully sequenced with an emphasis on fundamental alignment intended to build strength and stamina, improve muscle tone, balance and flexibility, relieve stress, build confidence and heal injuries. More specifically you will find: Use of props, such as blankets, blocks, straps, bolsters, and wall ropes, to facilitate learning and make modifications based on each student’s needs. Props can allow for a deeper understanding of the pose and improve comfort level.


We provide all the mats, props, and equipment necessary for class, however we strongly encourage students to purchase their own yoga mats. Mats are available for purchase at the studio. Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move easily, but nothing too baggy so that the teacher is able to observe you well. Yoga is always practiced in bare feet. Please do not wear perfume or heavy jewelry. Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach. We suggest waiting a few hours after a heavy meal and at least one hour after a light snack before taking class.


Yes!! We created RVYC for you! Yoga is for people of all ages and all levels of physical condition. Do not be afraid to try a yoga class because you feel that you are too old, too stiff, too fat, too thin, too tired, have a health condition, troublesome injury etc. Yoga has something to offer everyone, and at RVYC we believe that yoga is a gateway for healing, and our goal is to ease suffering and enable students to reconnect with their bodies and hearts. Our teachers are trained to modify and suggest alternative poses and approaches to yoga to enable you to practice safely, intelligently, and to enjoy yourself. Please advise your teacher of your concerns before class.


People tend to stretch from their more flexible areas and rely on their better-developed muscles for strength, thus reinforcing postural habits. Practicing an alignment-based style of yoga encourages weak parts of the body to strengthen and stiff areas to release, thus awakening and realigning the whole body. Practicing poses in alignment reduces tiredness and soothes the nerves. It also trains and disciplines the mind so that concentration is improved. As the body moves into better alignment, less muscular work is required, relaxation increases naturally, and the entire body-mind begins to shift.


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