prenatal and post natal yoga classesPrenatal Yoga Classes

Join Certified Prenatal Instructor Suzie Goldstein for these special series classes to support your pregnancy.

Focused on aligning body and mind, our prenatal class will strengthen and stretch your body.  Working in modiciations suited for every stage of pregnancy with the  support of props, you will get the full benefits of an array fo yoga postures while keeping you and your baby safe.  We will address and therapeutically reduce the common ailments of pregnancy such as back pain, wrist pain, swelling, nausea, and insomnia.

Learn how to move in alignment, reduce stress and connect deeply with your baby and your Self. Prepare with yoga to give birth safely and peacefully in balance both emotionally and physically.

Please contact us for more information regarding scheduled prenatal classes.

 In Class You Will:

  • Learn fundamental alignment points of foundational yoga poses
  • Stretch and open major areas of restriction in your body, reducing common ailments such as back pain, sciatica, swollen feet, and nausea
  • Strengthen your body, particularly the pelvic muscles and uterus
  • Connect Deeply with your baby and yourself
  • Learn specific stress reduction breath techniques
  • Prepare to give birth safely and peacefully, in balance both emotionally and physically

Private Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga

Suzie is available for private prenatal and postnatal yoga sessions as well.

Working privately is a wonderful opportunity to quickly delve deep into the heart of a yoga practice, receiving customized sequences of poses and hands-on adjustments.

Working one on one is particularly helpful if you are in need of specific yoga therapy for an injury or condition.

Past participants say:

Suzie's prenatal class is such a meaningful part of my pregnancy! I appreciate the time each week to help me ease tension & find ways to get more comfortable as I grow and ache! I also feel like I am understanding my changing body better and feel more prepared after each class to practice at home. Suzie's warmth, depth of knowledge in prenatal instruction and her attentiveness to our needs have helped me further enjoy this time as I prepare to be a mother for the first time.
Taking prenatal yoga classes with Suzie was among the most important ways that I cared for my body, my baby, and my emotional wellbeing from my first trimester all the way until week 40! Suzie creates a nurturing atmosphere that fosters attention to the mind-body connection, and her personalized approach was invaluable to my development of a strong practice with good alignment, as well as in finding relief from the evolving discomforts (and joys!) of pregnancy.
Working with Suzie individually has been so beneficial during my pregnancy. She has helped me address some long term issues with my ankles and posture that have been exacerbated lately. She is skilled at finding adaptable exercises that I have been able to easily fit into my daily routine that have made a difference already.

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