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Kate L. Northampton, MA 

I was immediately (and continue to be) impressed with Suzie Goldstein’s individualized approach. Suzie’s knowledge of the intricacies of the body is spectacular, and our one-on-one sessions focus extensively on isolating and training particular muscles in my body so well that I actually replaced physical therapy with our one-on-one sessions.

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Jane S., Northampton

Suzie's brightness of spirit and gift with words set a tone in class of joy, acceptance and possibility. Her ability to demonstrate and articulate poses inspire a deepened spiritual and physical practice every time I come to the mat.

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Anne P., Northampton

Kim's warmth and openness welcomes every student -  experienced or beginner. She offers many options to all levels so no one feels awkward or left out. Her Friday class is the best way to end my busy week!

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Beth L., Haydenville

My absolute favorite part of Suzie's class is when she gives assists in class.  Her assists are thoughtful and personal. Her knowledge of the asanas and human anatomy makes me feel safe and supported in each pose.

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Stephanie G., Easthampton

Suzie's emphasis on building a practice from a firm foundation creates a sense of security that results in a blossoming of openness, on the emotional as well as physical places.

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