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Suzie Goldstein RYT 200Suzie has been studying and teaching yoga for the past 15 years, and is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher (CYIT).  Suzie’s extensive experience is reflected in her classes and her ability to teach students how to move, strengthen, and structurally align their bodies no matter what their age, experience, or physical ability.  As co-owener of River Valley Yoga, she especially loves working with beginning students introducing them to the beauty and intelligence of the Iyengar method, and bringing students into greater mobility and health. In co-operation with the Counseling Center at Smith College, she also offers series classes for students of the college who have experienced trauma.

Using the precision of the Iyengar method, knowledge of the body, and her love of yoga philosophy, Suzie’s teaching is infused with joy and enthusiasm.  Suzie believes in and has experienced Iyengar yoga as a powerful method of healing, while also valuing the important role community can play in that healing. She strives to continue to build and give back to her community with specific community based programs, bringing yoga to as many people as possible. Suzie is a member of INYAUS – Iyengar National Yoga Association of the United States and the New England Iyengar Chapter IYANE.  Currently, she continues her studies in Boston, MA with Advanced Senior Teacher Patricia Walden and her mentor Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher and Teacher Training Peentz Dubble, in addition to studying with many other experienced Iyengar Yoga Teachers while working toward her Intermediate Junior I certification.

Working closely with students, Suzie’s intention is help students move toward greater health and live happier lives by connecting them to their own inner strength and wholeness.

In addition to yoga, Suzie loves hiking with her dogs, horseback riding, traveling, and spending time on the beach in her hometown on the Outer Cape.

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What people say about Suzie:

At first I was apprehensive about performing Yoga poses due to my struggle with my weight. Suzie assured me this would not be a barrier to Yoga practice with props and her philosophy that Yoga is for everyone. I found my muscles strengthened, my joints protected and my posture improved with each session. I also found Suzie to be a cheerleader in performing challenging, attainable poses that strengthened my body, provided space within my spine, and improved my posture. She also taught me a balanced standing position that took pressure off my knees and she is very knowledgeable about body mechanics and structure. I feel so much stronger and a sense of accomplishment and calm after our sessions. I highly recommend Suzie for her positivity, expertise, and ability to progress a student in Yoga poses while paying attention to their particular body anatomy and structure.
Tam W.
Working with Suzie individually has been so beneficial during my pregnancy. She has helped me address some long term issues with my ankles and posture that have been exacerbated lately. She is skilled at finding adaptable exercises that I have been able to easily fit into my daily routine that have made a difference already.
Karen P.
I started yoga 4 or 5 years ago on the encouragement of my then teenage sons (!!), and found it truly life changing and wonderful. Unfortunately, I started getting neck pain, especially after a class. I stopped yoga, got xrays/physical therapy, and got better; but when I started classes again, the neck pain came back. I really wondered if I would have to give up yoga. I decided to try again, this time with the Iyengar approach with Suzie at River Valley Yoga. Right away, I could see that her experience, knowledge of alignment, and gentle commitment to helping me. She was not only able to identify where the problem was, but also help me learn through her adjustments and observations, teaching me how to go forward with my practice. I should note that I was born with some unusual muscle tone (atrophy), but that did not deter her interest in figuring out what was causing the pain. Yoga is part of my life again and the neck pain is gone!
Beth C.

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