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Our mission is to make yoga accessible for everybody with every body type, using alignment-based yoga as a therapeutic tool to alleviate pain, injuries and emotional stress, and to cultivate a joyous, lifelong practice. Using physical alignment as a starting point, our approach encourages the spread of intelligence throughout the body and the development of self-awareness through precision in movement and attention to posture and breath.
Our nurturing environment is ideal for students looking for a supportive and safe yoga home. We take great care to teach each pose with integrity, and to put your body into proper alignment. We use a variety of props and the use of a rope wall to expand your yoga experience. Our approach helps students improve structural strength, flexibility, balance, stability, and to deepen the mind-body connection and overall feeling of good health.

Our knowledgeable and experienced teaching team consists of both certified Iyengar instructors and certified Yoga Alliance instructors. We are also proud to host highly esteemed certified Iyengar instructors for specialized workshops.

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