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Welcome to River Valley Yoga Center


“Yoga is the process of replacing old patterns with new more appropriate patterns.
– Sri T Krishnamacharya

River Valley Yoga Center (RVYC) is an intimate, beautiful studio located in the heart of downtown Florence, Massachusetts. Susan Elena Esquivel and Suzie Goldstein founded the studio in 2012, and are influenced by the hatha yoga tradition of BKS Iyengar. The Center is committed to helping all students develop lifelong yoga practices in a nurturing environment and making asanas (postures) accessible to every body.

We offer small class sizes, expert instructors and a therapeutic, alignment-based approach. Everybody with every body type can tap into yoga to alleviate pain, injuries and emotional stress, and can experience the joy of a sustained practice. We welcome all ages and levels.

about-river-valley-yoga-center-2Small Classes
Our small class sizes allow us to give students individual attention and instruction, creating a supportive and personal learning experience.

Therapeutic Approach
Our therapeutic approach does not mean “easy” or “gentle.” In our classes, you will work hard to strengthen and stretch your body, which will relieve current pain and prevent new pain/injury from occurring.

Yoga for EveryBody
We believe yoga is a “come as you are practice” where the only pre-requisite is your desire to learn. Our Center invites everyone to the mat. We’ll create modifications for your needs while challenging you to grow your practice.

Proper Alignment
We work from the ground up—starting with the toes—to put your body into proper alignment. This style encourages weak parts of the body to strengthen and stiff areas to release, thus awakening and realigning the whole body.


Our teachers are experts, are passionate about sharing their yoga knowledge with students, and are dedicated to creating a nurturing, safe space to practice.

We use props to help modify poses for your body, improve your comfort level, and increase your understanding of poses. Props include blankets, blocks, straps, bolsters, and wall ropes, and are provided by the studio.

 RVYC offers a  full schedule of yoga classes for everyone from beginners to experts, as well as special series and workshops. We have specific classes for athletes, expecting mothers, and students with Scoliosis and spinal issues. New to yoga? Take our Intro to Yoga Series first!

Private Lessons
 Working one-on-one allows you to practice yoga under the expert care of our instructors. Your initial visit includes an assessment of your health history, and each session consists of therapeutic practice, hands-on adjustments, and a customized home practice designed for your needs.

In each class, you will learn the fundamental actions of each posture. You will gain strength and flexibility, build confidence, ease structural imbalances and pain, create a mind-body awareness, and learn yogic philosophy.

 Asanas have different effects on the body. Some poses are calming. Some are stimulating. We sequence each class to draw out the intended effects of the practice, to develop proper alignment, and to build strength, flexibility and concentration.



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