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Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

Escape the cold, unwind, and tune in to nature’s rhythm.
March 10th to 16th, 2019 with Suzie Goldstein
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Our Mission - Why Iyengar Yoga?

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Daily Classes

We offer a variety of daily alignment based classes on our schedule. These classes are supported by the courses which allow the student to delve deeper into their practice or explore specific topics.

Courses and Workshops

These special classes are designed to allow students to delve deeper into various areas of their practice.

Intro to Yoga Program

This program is designed to teach students how to structurally align the body in fundamental yoga poses, keeping students safe and free from injury.

private yoga lessons

Private Instruction

Private lessons provide the gateway to improved health by giving you the tools to establish a healthy yoga practice. Working one on one with an instructor enhances learning and ensures having your individual needs met.

Tips for New Students...

Explore the options if you're new to yoga or just new to our studio.
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The River Valley Yoga Center Blog

Finding Ishwara In The Wilds of Montana – Part 1

Montana is a beautiful state full of mountains, rivers, lakes, and wildlife.  My days in Glacier National Park were incredibly soul quenching and invigorating.  I clocked about 30 miles over the two and half days I was in the park, and witnessed some of the most beautiful vistas I have ever seen.  To sit alone in the mountains and let my eyes feast on such beauty broke my heart wide open.

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